Jun 22, 2018
Aldrin Navarro
2 minute read

A good friend of mine urged me to take the #100DaysOfCode challenge.

“👿 Hmmm… that’s taxing… as if we don’t get to code almost every day at work”

“😇 Oh come on. This is a great chance to practice your craftsman mindset!

“👿 pfff! “

“Alright! I’m up for the challenge.” So we started our first day.

Now, what to build? For my first day, I thought of practicing VueJS. Also, ever since the break from school I was binge-watching movies and TV shows that were pushed down my priority list on Netflix. Netflix UI is such an eye-candy I thought of mocking my own. VueJS + Netflix = Vueflix

It’s not as fancy as Netflix but yes I made it!

As of writing, the stuff I made so far are:

  • Endalz - Just in time for Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. Basic Canvas.
  • Texmo - SMS Subscription Service using Nexmo API. Made a simple service to send weather forecasts. WIP: Enable other services that are useful.
  • Song lyrics parsers
    • Lyrica - A lyrics parser written in Javascript.
    • LyricaPy - Same but written in Python. Cool feat about this is that it displays the lyrics while the music player is playing! And also displays the new lyrics when you change the track.

For the upcoming days, I am thinking of a mix of frontend, will go deeper into my main arsenal Python and take time to my arid interest on hardware and embedded/IOT.

You can follow my progress, and my friends too!, on twitter. @8bitVandal @arnellebalane @emmanuellodovice Let me know if you are taking the challenge too! 🖐️

So far, the experience is enjoyable. Being a part of hundreds of people joining the challenge, struggling, persevering. A lot of people have succeeded already. I know I’ll be one of them. I’m just days away to completing the challenge! 💪

🐋 hello there! If you enjoy this, a "Thank you" is enough.

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