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Oct 8, 2021
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I’m on a Good Journey

“I was shipwrecked before I even boarded . . . the journey showed me this — how much of what we have is unnecessary, and how easily we can decide to rid ourselves of these things whenever it’s necessary, never suffering the loss.”

— Seneca, Moral Letters, 87.1

A long time ago, Zeno of Citium, was a merchant before he was a philosopher. On his voyage between Phoenicia and Peiraeus, his ship sank along with its cargo. Zeno ended up in Athens, and while visiting a bookstore he was introduced to the philosophy of Socrates and, later, an Athenian philosopher named Crates. These influences changed the course of his life. “Now that I’ve suffered shipwreck, I’m on a good journey”.

A week ago, I was working in the office when I got a call from my mother around noontime. A news no one ever should have received even the most prepared. Our house burned down.

I immediately attempted to leave after informing my project managers. It took me another 20 minutes to leave the building because of the heavy rain (there was a storm signal). When I got home, 40 minutes later, nothing is left.

On me is my bag with my work laptop and accessories, office ID, driver’s license, bank cards, some medical receipts. For the rest of my family, nothing. Nothing is left.

Not all hope is lost. Like Zeno, I have to stay sane and focus on making things better. Our elders were traumatized. So it’s my sister and I that are initiating things on moving out. Nothing teaches us better than this experience.

Unlike Zeno, I do not have to begin again crawling. Help starts to trickle in. Food rations, donations, clothes, all came from the relationships we molded from childhood in the community, church, school, and work. We have enough. Then, we have more than enough to start pouring help to the extended family and affected neighbors. I am blessed to have the support of friends. We have everything.

I found a place for me and my family to stay in.
We can sleep better now.

“Thank you” is an understatement of the overpouring gratitude and the overwhelming support you all have given us.

I am eternally grateful to you and my family will always remember your big kind heart. I wish in the future to be able to repay you in any way possible.

From the bottom of my heart . . . “Thank you”.

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